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Pat’s Coffee Website Project

Course Competancies

  • Practice team building activities.
  • Investigate issues in website design.
  • Explore strategic planning for website projects.
  • Develop website development documentation.
  • Develop a website implementation and maintenance plan.
  • Investigate website implementation and maintenance solutions, technologies and issues.
  • Demonstrate client presentation.
  • Demonstrate website user training


During this project, I practiced designing, developing, and implementing a website by following workflow models commonly used in the professional field. It was a team project, and we had to work together to fulfill requirements for an imaginary client. I worked on developing ang the graphics and logo, in addition to fulfilling my role as the team developer by coding the site as efficiently as I could using PHP includes and meeting web standards.

Before this class, I had no idea how much was invol;ved in getting a website project from start to completion.

During this class, I gained gained good practice:

  • Working with teams
  • Coding a website
  • Learning about the phases that can be implemented into a workflow
  • Filling in for the management role
  • Working with people who prefer to do the sub-minimum
  • Debugging CSS
  • Gathering information from learning materials
  • Making documentation for the web production process
  • Doing creative work tasks
  • Wireframing using paper and Adobe XD
  • Using task management systems to organize team tasks and time
  • Organizing collaborative file systems
  • Making solutions for seemingly impossible situations
  • Scheduling and organizing meetings
  • Managing team time
  • Communicating with team members
  • The importance of double checking to make sure everything is where it needs to be
  • Handling stress
  • Managing expectations
  • Seeing the entire process from a birds-eye view when I bundled up everything at the end

This class gave me the solid foundation I needed to work with future client projects, so I am thankful even for the immense of things that inevitably went haywire when working with and trying to depend on the other team members.

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Hello! I am a web developer with experience designing making, and managing websites using both hand code and website builders such as WordPress and Joomla. I am passionate about striving for high-quality and innovative work, evaluating and improving workflows, ensuring knowledge bases are compiled and organized well, thinking critically and creatively, never ignoring aesthetic and design quality, and ensuring that projects are user-friendly. I love any activity requiring visual graphics and abstract problem-solving, and I am committed to improving my ability to implement both in every project I complete.