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Broadcast Writer Website Project


Project Goals:

  • Improve the appearance of the website to look more modern and beautiful.
  • Organize the content of the website in a manner that makes it easier for the client and target audience to access the content later.
  • Advertise client availability for freelance work and put client contact information on the website.
  • Fix the domain registration errors on the WordPress dashboard.

Project Objectives:

  • Analyze functionality of the website and decide layout needs.
  • Analyze the tone of the website and decide on typographical and color needs.
  • Analyze content access patterns and decide on site map structure needs.
  • Choose and install a new WordPress theme that most closely meets the functionality needs of the website.
  • Choose and install a new WordPress theme that most closely meets the functionality needs of the website.
  • Reorganize existing pages and content and create new needed pages to align with site map structure plan.
  • Fit page content to fit the new WordPress theme using the design patterns that the theme provides.
  • Change the WordPress theme to include up to five accent colors and four neutral colors in accordance with website needs.
  • Change the website to include up to four separate chosen fonts according to design needs.
  • Decide new page and website content additions for the purpose of advertising job availability.
  • Choose a contact form platform/provider/service to use and create a contact form for a Contact page on the website.
  • Fix the domain registration errors on the website through the client’s website control panel/dashboard or through client or developer communication with the domain name provider.
  • Deliver website training materials at the end of the project.


For this project, I revamped a closed captioning blog website and made it into an intuitively organized blog and portfolio website. Before this project, I had mostly completed my first client project, so I was familiar with the processes involved with organizing a WordPress website project. However, I did not know how top use the version opf WordPress, so there was a bit of a learning curve. In addition, it was a challenge to try to figure out how to plan a website design where minimal image content was required, in order to work around scheduling issues. This website went from being a plain white blog that had not been updated in ages to a website that my client is proud to show to prospective employers.

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