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Project Goals:

  • Make the homepage and all main static pages functional.
  • Clean up the layout and remove unneeded template sections.
  • Make a logo for the website.
  • Set up basic product pages.

Project Objectives:

  • Determine what content and pages the website needs
  • Analyze functionality of the website and decide layout needs.
  • Gather all website content and upload it to a shared cloud storage solution such as dropbox.
  • Fill out all content on all of the main static website pages.
  • Rearrange elements and widgets on the website to meet the design and customer needs.
  • Place images for main product categories on the homepage.
  • Put social media links on the website.
  • Make a logo with three different sizes and provide the SVG logo.


For this project, I worked with a business owner to clean up and fill in content on a website that only contained template content. I had to perform an analysis to plan what content the website needed most in order for the business website to look respectable, and to prepare it for a later e-commerce focused plan. I then also looked at the client’s other new logo, and created a new one that was more web-friendly. I wrapped up the project by adding on some basic WooCommerce pages, fixing bugs, and creating client training materials so he could work with his WordPress dashboard more easily.

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Hello! I am a web developer with experience designing making, and managing websites using both hand code and website builders such as WordPress and Joomla. I am passionate about striving for high-quality and innovative work, evaluating and improving workflows, ensuring knowledge bases are compiled and organized well, thinking critically and creatively, never ignoring aesthetic and design quality, and ensuring that projects are user-friendly. I love any activity requiring visual graphics and abstract problem-solving, and I am committed to improving my ability to implement both in every project I complete.