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Two Hearts True Healing Podcast Website Project


Project Objectives:

  • Set up account on podcast hosting platform and podcast directories.
  • Build a website for the podcasts.
  • Set up a Patreon or similar service for the podcast.
  • Build design of project to appeal to target audience.
  • Incorporate accessibility friendly practices into the website and set up a transcription service to translate the podcast to text.
  • Include legal ease for the content of the website/podcast.
  • Set up podcast feedback survey forms.
  • Create and implement a logo for the podcast project.


For this project, I worked with a client to put together a podcast platform from scratch. I worked with my client through the process of coming up with a name, finding a domain, creating a website on a testing server, planning and delivery of content, choosing a WordPress theme that would work best for her type of podcast. I also worked with her in setting up an email, podcast platform setup, podcast directory setup, and the configuration of basic donation platforms for the podcast. Finally, I planned and implemented a bug fixing plan and the creation of bug fixing tutorials.

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