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  • Wind Power Water Surfing

    Wind Power Water Surfing

    Criteria Project Goals: Project Objectives: Reflection For this project, I worked with a business owner to clean up and fill in content on a website that only contained template content. I had to perform an analysis to plan what content the website needed most in order for the business website to look respectable, and to […] Continue reading

  • Peony Website Mockup

    Peony Website Mockup

    In this class project, I demonstrated the use of core design layout and color principles to put together an aesthetically appealing website mockup and logo. I made this in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Continue reading

  • Two Hearts True Healing Podcast Website Project

    Two Hearts True Healing Podcast Website Project

    Criteria Project Objectives: Reflection For this project, I worked with a client to put together a podcast platform from scratch. I worked with my client through the process of coming up with a name, finding a domain, creating a website on a testing server, planning and delivery of content, choosing a WordPress theme that would […] Continue reading

  • Broadcast Writer Website Project

    Broadcast Writer Website Project

    Criteria Project Goals: Project Objectives: Reflection For this project, I revamped a closed captioning blog website and made it into an intuitively organized blog and portfolio website. Before this project, I had mostly completed my first client project, so I was familiar with the processes involved with organizing a WordPress website project. However, I did […] Continue reading

  • Pat’s Coffee Website Project

    Pat’s Coffee Website Project

    Course Competancies Reflection During this project, I practiced designing, developing, and implementing a website by following workflow models commonly used in the professional field. It was a team project, and we had to work together to fulfill requirements for an imaginary client. I worked on developing ang the graphics and logo, in addition to fulfilling […] Continue reading

About Me

Hello! I am a web developer with experience designing making, and managing websites using both hand code and website builders such as WordPress and Joomla. I am passionate about striving for high-quality and innovative work, evaluating and improving workflows, ensuring knowledge bases are compiled and organized well, thinking critically and creatively, never ignoring aesthetic and design quality, and ensuring that projects are user-friendly. I love any activity requiring visual graphics and abstract problem-solving, and I am committed to improving my ability to implement both in every project I complete.